Cancer & Sexuality

Become yourself again

The most common and efficacious cancer treatments offered today, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, often result in unwanted sexual side effects. These may include hair loss, weight gain, sexual pain, reduced sensitivity, hypersensitivity, and/or arousal or orgasmic issues.

Such issues are compounded by the fact that cancer patients generally do not receive accurate information about possible sexual side effects from the health care providers administering treatments. Many patients find themselves emotionally and physically unprepared to deal with their post-treatment sexual realities; they may find their sexual self-schema, or their sense of self as sexual beings, altered.

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What can you expect in counseling?

As a relationship and sex therapist, I offer compassionate and competent care to people affected by cancer and their partners. Through cutting edge relationship and sex therapy, I provide skills for individuals and couples to communicate effectively about their feelings and renegotiate ways to reconnect emotionally and sexually. I offer resources to help individuals and couples cope with cancer treatments and rediscover sensuality after the treatments.

I am on the health advisory board of LBBC (Living Beyond Breast Cancer) and UNITE for HER. I am also a frequent speaker for Young Survival Coalition (YSC) and American Cancer Society on relationship and sexuality. I am on the board of LBBC.