Dr. Sabitha Pillai-Friedman

Individual Therapy

Is one-on-one counseling right for you?

I am an experienced, compassionate and highly trained psychotherapist with a track record of success treating people who are struggling with a wide range of issues. In individual psychotherapy we work together to uncover your unique strengths and use them to help overcome dysfunctional patterns of behavior in your personal and professional life. I treat individuals with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, work-life balance, life transition and other problems of living.

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Ready for a change?

Adult clients may seek help from me to address self-defeating behaviors in dating and intimate relationships. Adults in relationships sometimes benefit from therapy focusing on family-of-origin issues or past traumas that impact their current relationship. I use a range of evidence-based practices, such as EMDR, guided imagery and mindfulness to address physical, emotional and sexual trauma.

I have expertise in working with and welcome individuals who are exploring their sexual orientation and diversity of relationship and sexual practices. As an experienced relationship and certified sex therapist, I help my clients overcome sexual difficulties and insecurities and live joyful lives.